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The race videos from CMP are up. The Saturday race was relatively tame. Check out turn 1 of the Sunday race for some mayhem. Coming into the braking zone Shane Lovely bit off a little more than his cold tires could chew in his #413 Honda Civic. He slid into the back of one of the thunder roadsters ahead, causing both roadsters to spin at the apex of the first turn. The rest of the field took evasive action, with several cars heading off track to avoid contact. I saw the chaos and decided to take a detour through the grass. John Evans had the same idea, and snapped his 350Z to the right. Unfortunately he tried to occupy a space I was already in, and his front right wheel hit my drivers door and rear quarter panel. It wasn’t a huge hit, but was hard enough to push me farther to the right into the sand. I narrowly avoided running into Karl Kondor’s Accord which was already out in the beach. We both scrambled out of the sand and back towards the pavement. I managed to get to the track before Karl and as soon as both of my front wheels where back on the track I matted the throttle and rocketed away past the struggling Accord. Despite our disagreement in turn 1, John and I had a great battle for the next several laps. A few times he slipped by into turn 1 and I was able to regain the position around the outside of turn 2. I concentrated on hitting my marks and eventually John began making mistakes, culminating in his going very wide into turn 1 under braking, giving me a large gap for the rest of the race. Karl’s shifter broke during the race and after making an accidental shift from 3rd to 2nd gear on the front straight and sending the big H22 past 10,000 rpm he decided to call it a day and not risk the drivetrain. It was a fun weekend and with five Honda Challenge cars it was good to have the gang back together at the track. Just one more race remains, the season closer at Road Atlanta.

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